OpenCOBOL 1.1pre-rel
OpenCOBOL 1.1pre-rel source tree
Keisuke Nishida, Roger While


This is the OpenCOBOL compiler suite source tree, beautified by Doxygen. All rights remain the authors, Keisuke Nishida and Roger While.

See the Classes (try cb_field for it's dependency graph) and Files, where:

  1. src/cobc Contains the compiler sources
  2. src/libcob Contains the runtime support sources
  3. src/lib and
  4. src/bin contain build support files

As you prepare to develop code with OpenCOBOL, please be sure to visit

Many thanks to Dimitri for Doxygen. This is sweet.

Many thanks to Roger and Keisuke. Copyrights for OpenCOBOL are Roger While and Keisuke Nishida.

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